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We supply high quality petroleum products

- On Time.
- Exactly what you ordered.
- Safety is our priority.
- Cost effective.

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Tengane Mining PTY Ltd is a B-BBEE Company licenced to wholesale petroleum product. The company was
formed in 2017 to take advantage of opportunities presented by the economic transformation in South Africa
Petroleum and Liquid Fuels Industry. The company sees and opportunity in being a petroleum wholesaler as
identified in the white paper on energy, which out-lined the government’s key policy objective as the need to
achieve, “Sustainable presence, ownership or control by historically disadvantaged South Africans of
approximately a quarter of all facets of the liquid fuels industry or plans to achieve this”.
Tengane Mining is a vibrant and growing business, which will service its customer efficiently and ready to
expand its customer base. The company is confident in its ability to provide the superior quality service delivery
of all its services to its customer. The company strength and capability would be begged by the relationship
agreements that would be signed with all its supplier and strategic partners. Through offering superior quality
services, extensive partnership, competency and key industry relationships the company is well positioned to
offer its customers innovative fuel supply solutions.
The company has a very formidable ownership of black professionals who have entrepreneurial skills and would
be making a success of this company. Tengane Mining PTY Ltd shareholders currently hold management and
senior position in their working environment and thus challenges and success form such will be of benefit in
taking the company to greater heights.


Diesel 50ppm / 500ppm

Unleaded Petrol 95 / 93

Lead Replacement Petrol 95 / 93

Public Sector

Governments Departments, Municipalities & State Owned Entities.

Mining Sector

We accommodate all mining requirements to supply fuel as per client individual needs.

Retail Sector

Independently owned and managed Retail Service Stations.

Commercial Sector

Any company with fleet vehicles and those with large operations that require bulk fuel supply.

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